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Guess Yahoo doesn’t care about spam anymore

When I get spam, and if I’ve got a few minutes to do so, I’ll usually look up the host and possibly registrar for the domain and forward to their abuse email addresses.Today I got a very obvious phishing attempt and tracked the domain back to Yahoo hosting.

The email was asking me to accept payments through my PayPal account and then once a week transfer what was sent, minus my $200 payment. Pretty standard scam.

So I forwarded the email to and immediately got an automated reply that they don’t accept reports at that email that aren’t formatted in Abuse Reporting Format.

Now, a programmer at Yahoo could probably kick out a script to take emails sent to their abuse address, format it to the abuse reporting format, and load it into any database they want in a half day. So instead of one person spending a few hours on a script Yahoo has apparently decided to shove that workload on to people receiving spam. And not just those receiving spam, those that get the spam and are willing to spend the time to forward a message.

Either way, the message still got forwarded to to let the FCC take care of it.

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