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A handy little function for your bag of tricks. This PHP function will return a max number of words out of a string, or the whole string if it’s already shorter.

 * Returns the first $wordsreturned out of $string.  If string
 * contains more words than $wordsreturned, the entire string
 * is returned.
 * @param String $string The string to check
 * @param int $wordsreturned Max number of words to include
function shorten_string($string, $wordsreturned)

    $retval = $string;
    $array = explode(' ', $string);
    if (count($array)<= $wordsreturned) {
        $retval = $string;
    else {
        array_splice($array, $wordsreturned);
        $retval = implode(' ', $array).' ...';
    return $retval; 

This probably could be made shorter, but I was in a hurry when I needed this and went for quick rather than clever.


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