Review: PHP Designer 2005

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For the past few months I’ve been using TSW Web Coder for web development. It is an outstanding program. Unfortunately, my computer is too slow for it. The biggest problem was random crashes. Re-installs would help, but I got tired of it. So, out I went looking for a replacement. I found PHP Designer 2005.

RAID array out of iPods

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Feel like a quick & easy geek project. Follow this guy’s directions to create a RAID array out of iPod shuffles. As he says ” Follow along as we explore new depths of geekery…”. Makes me wish I had a few iPods to play with. Link From:

Get your Google invite

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For those of y’all who don’t have a GMail account, and can’t find anyone with invites to share, look at They’ve got a page set up where you fill in your email address and a GMail invite is sent to you. Edit: Apparently the isnoop page was shut down and is no longer offering… Read more »

Yahoo! announces FireFox toolbar

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Yahoo! announced Wednesday that it will release a toolbar for the open source web browser FireFox. Source: C|Net – Yahoo unveils test toolbar for Firefox investing in bloggers

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Coming shortly after the purchase of BlogLines, is investing in 43 Things. 43 Things allows people to write about their goals and accomplishments and links them to others with similar interests.