Microsoft Longhorn scheduled for late 2005

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Microsoft is reportedly is planning on releasing the first full beta version of their Longhorn operating system by the end of June. This release will be primarily aimed at developers, but according to John Montgomery, a director in Microsoft’s developer division, “I do, however, expect that you will find IT departments starting to look at… Read more »

Microsoft releases updated search engine

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Over the past few months there has been a beta version of the ‘new and improved’ Microsoft search. Today they officially replace the Yahoo! powered search on their MSN site with their own.

Blaster author behind bars

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Jeffrey Parson, the creator of the ‘Blaster’ worm was sentenced today to 18 months in jail. 18 months is the shortest sentence possible under Parson’s plea agreement. Prosecutors were apparently aiming for the maximum sentence of 37 months. At its 2003 peak, the Blaster virus had infected over 50,000 computers. Parson is hoping that others… Read more »

A cross country trip through the postal service

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This is a pretty cool idea, and I’m sure more have followed suit. Kyle Van Horn taped a disposable camera to foam core board and dropped it in the mail to a friend. On the board he asked any postal workers who handle it to take a picture. Kyle admits on his web page that… Read more »

Addictive little flash game

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Trust me – it’s addictive. The text is Japanese, but the concept is pretty simple. You click to start a chain reaction of explosions. 150 is a perfect score. looking to create photo yellow pages

Posted by & filed under Computers & Internet, News. introduced the first phase of a new service called Yellow Pages. With this release, the phone directory includes 20 million images from 10 cities to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. When the user clicks on a business; they are shown contact information, a map, reviews, and a photo of… Read more »