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Microsoft considering releasing more source code

Microsoft is apparently considering releasing more source code. In a blog posting last week, Shawn Burke, development manager for the Microsoft Forms Team, mentioned that he has wanted to release the source code for Microsoft Forms for some time.

Burke is looking for the least expensive way to handle the release, or as he calls it, ‘on the cheap’. Most of the work involved would be cleaning up source code. Code authors often insert inappropriate comments into source code; including profanity, jokes, and customer references. Obviously Microsoft would not want this included. Burke mentions that one option would be to strip all comments out of the source code. Of course, this would make it less useful; or at least require more work for everyone to figure out how it works.

One argument against releasing the source code is that it would make exploits easier to find for virus writers. Burke discounts this stating that if a virus writer wants to find an exploit, it will be found regardless of whether the source is public or not. While he did not mention it, Linux is open source and is not nearly as exploited as the closed source Windows operating system.

Burke adds, “No promises, but I’m feeling optimistic.”

Source: C|Net – Microsoft to release more source code?

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