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Internet Explorer 7.0 may not support Windows 2000

It appears that Microsoft may be leaving may users wanting when the rumored Internet Explorer 7.0 is released. Current plans limit support to Windows XP SP2.

However, Gytis Barzdukas, director of product management in the security business technology unit at Microsoft (try fitting that on a business card), says XP SP2 is all they feel “comfortable committing to” currently. He added that they “haven’t closed the door on potentially providing it to other platforms.” Barzdukas also mentions that it would be much easier for a company to migrate to Win XP SP2 than it would be to test and deploy the IE7 upgrade to older systems.

Personally, I use XP at work and 2k at home. I don’t see myself upgrading my home computer any time soon. Honestly, it’s as much a cost issue as anything else. I have a computer that runs everything it needs to, so why should I spend money to upgrade. As long as I can continue to patch the swiss cheese of security problems in my Win2k box, I’ll keep doing it. When 2k reaches the end of it’s support cycle, I’ll probably be ready to upgrade to a Linux desktop. Right now, all that’s keeping me tied to Windows is Visual Studio 6 (yeah, I know it’s several years old). I really should just break down and learn C :-) Then it wouldn’t matter.

Back off the rant – Dean Hachamovitch, head of the Internet Explorer team, says that Microsoft has to balance the needs of Win2k customers with the “engineering and logistical complexity” of porting security enhancements already available in XP SP2.

Not yet released is whether IE7 will include full support for PNG graphics and fixed CSS positioning, two features that web designers have been screaming for.

Source: – IE 7.0 Leaves Windows 2000 Users Out in the Cold

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