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Wait Wear fighting for virginity in Vegas

Yvette Thomas took a stand against the sin-filled image of Las Vegas renting a booth for her Wait Wear line of clothing at the MAGIC Marketplace. MAGIC Marketplace, an intimate apparel trade show, draws an estimated 93,000 visitors. At the Wait Wear booth, Thomas quietly sat and sold t-shirts and panties with slogans such as “Virginity Lane: Exit When Married” and “No vows, no sex”.

This, while near to booths sponsored by Playboy and Pamela Anderson.

Thomas says, “we have so much of the opposite out there, sometimes we have to remind ourselves what our values are.” She also mentioned that many people commented that they “like [her] message.”

Los Angeles based Wait Wear has slowly grown over the past 5 years through online sales and displays at youth events.

Source: – T-shirt saleslady trying to push virginity in Vegas

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