…and a test post with myWeblog

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Found another offline WordPress editor to try on my MacBook. This time it’s myWeblog 2.1. I like the looks of it. Seems very Mac-like, which I suppose is a good thing. One of the things I’m most looking for, and so far only found in myWeblog, is the ability to edit pages. WYSIWYG would be… Read more »

First post with MarsEdit

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If you read the post up from this you’ll see that I just tried out Qumana and wasn’t all that happy with it. It was nice to be able to blog without logging into WordPress, but it had a couple of deal breakers for me. Unfortunately none of the free solutions I’ve come across have… Read more »

First look at Qumana

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Trying something new again.  The WordPress iPhone app that I posted about a few days ago was nice, but it doens’t work well for longer posts.  Nothing against the app.  But  I can type pretty quickly and it’s frustrating to have to slow down for the little keyboard.  Fortunately I have my MacBook with me… Read more »

Blogging from an iPhone

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Let’s see how this goes. I’m writing my first blog post from my iPhone. A few months ago I tried the WordPress app version 1 point something. Couldn’t figure out if it supported tag, and I prefer using tags over categories. Fortunately I came across version 2.1 today and it works without a hitch.

Get a Mac to stop at dropdown menus

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After using nothing but PCs for the past 15 or so years, getting a MacBook has given me a little more of a learning curve that I was expecting.  Fortunately it’s been pretty intuitive and hasn’t been that bad.  But there’s been one little snag that kept catching me. By default the tab key does… Read more »

Should I block Baidu?

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Well, I am for now. I noticed Baidu pretty much on a forum of mine 24/7, but I didn’t recall ever seeing them show up in the referrer logs.  Over the past year, across the sites on my server, they’ve made almost 35,000 requests for pages; chewed up 337 megs of bandwidth, admittedly not a… Read more »

WordPress release archive

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Didn’t know this was around, but looking for older versions of WordPress to test plugins against I found the WordPress release archive.  Looks like you can find pretty much every release they’ve put out.

Switching from eCommerce to free with ads

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A few years ago I got on a kick making simple Photoshop templates and threw up a website to try and sell a few. I had no illusions that my templates were of the level that were being sold for $20+ so I went with a type of credit system similar to what iStockPhoto.com does. … Read more »