Quick PHP wrapper for print_r

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Working on web apps I find myself using the print_r command a lot, and I mean a lot. It helps trace out what data is going where, and more often what’s not going where it’s supposed to. A few months ago I realized that I type this same bit of code way too often. Does… Read more »

Netbeans with multiple monitors

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How did I not try this before today? My normal method of needing two files open was to have the one I’m working on in Netbeans and the other in Notepad++ on separate monitors.  Turns out you can drag the tab of an open file outside of Netbeans and it becomes its own window. We’re… Read more »

Prototype.js, setStyle, and IE not working together

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Sometimes IE just irritates me. Ok, pretty much anytime I’m working on a web site. Especially when it involves Javascript or DOM. For the past couple of hours I’ve been scouring the internet looking for a solution to the prototype method setStyle not working in IE8. I was getting an ‘Object does not support this… Read more »

Curved corners script for Photoshop

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I’ve been looking for an excuse to play around with scripting in Photoshop. Today I found one. I came across a series of actions that rounded off the corners of an image to get it ready for uploading to a web site. The problem is that it was a series of actions. As in one… Read more »

Event tracking with JavaScript

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A while back Google added event tracking to Analytics so you could keep track of Javascript and Flash events.  Pretty cool feature. Being the stat junkie that I wanted to use this to keep track of outgoing clicks on a photography forum of mine.  But I didn’t want to have to go through every link… Read more »

Facebook the most popular site last week

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For the first time, Facebook was the most popular site for a full week last week.  Facebook had overtaken Google a few times before for a day or so, mostly around holidays.  But this was the first time Google fell to second place for a full week. The last time Google was knocked from the… Read more »

TinEye – Finding your images on the web

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Came across a new search engine called TinEye last week.  It lets you either upload or paste a link to an image and it searches its index looking for the same image.  For those that make money off of their images, or just don’t want copies on other sites, this is a good way to… Read more »

Should have joined Twitter earlier

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For whatever reason, Twitter just never really appealed to me. The idea of limiting myself to 140 characters seemed, well, too limiting. And my first few skims of Twitter had too high of a junk to good stuff ratio. But after finally dragging myself to give it a shot, finding a few people to follow,… Read more »