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Category: Computers & Internet

Curved corners script for Photoshop

I’ve been looking for an excuse to play around with scripting in Photoshop. Today I found one. I came across a series of actions that rounded off the corners of an image to get it ready for uploading to a web site. The problem is that it was a series of actions. As in one action for each radii. One for 5px, one for 10px, one for 25px, etc. That’s just screaming to be scripted with a quick prompt asking for a radius.

So that’s what I did. About half an hour and I had a script that would prompt for a radius and then round off whatever image was opened.

Event tracking with JavaScript

A while back Google added event tracking to Analytics so you could keep track of Javascript and Flash events.  Pretty cool feature.

Being the stat junkie that I wanted to use this to keep track of outgoing clicks on a photography forum of mine.  But I didn’t want to have to go through every link prior to displaying the page.  Seemed like a perfect time for a little bit of Javascript.