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Category: Computers & Internet

Switching from eCommerce to free with ads

A few years ago I got on a kick making simple Photoshop templates and threw up a website to try and sell a few. I had no illusions that my templates were of the level that were being sold for $20+ so I went with a type of credit system similar to what does.  A visitor buys a set of credits and uses those credits to buy templates.  Seemed like a simple process and after a little tinkering with WordPress I had a working setup.

But after two years only 3 people had bought credits and I had made a whopping 12 bucks. 

How to wrap a SMF forum in WordPress

After spending the better part of yesterday getting a forum setup with the same layout as its parent WordPress site I thought I’d share a couple of tips along the way.

And I picked a less efficient way, including wp-blog-header.php in the forum code, because it was far easier. At some point I may go back and cache the WordPress pieces on the blog side and use those cache files on the SMF side, at which point none of this would be necessary. But for now it’s working.