ProofBuddy Software

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I’ve been working on an application for the past several months and it’s now at a point where I feel comfortable releasing it. ProofBuddy is a PHP / MySQL application that allows professional photographers to show proofs to their clients. It has an integrated shopping cart so that your clients can order their prints directly… Read more »

Extending the Canon OCSC2 with a keyboard cable

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The Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord #2 (OCSC2) is a great way to get E-TTL flashes away from the camera shoe, and can make for much more dramatic or flattering images. The problem is that the cord is only 2 feet long; enough for a flash bracket, but not long enough to get the flash… Read more »

A camera made of paper

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Following up on the cameras made of Legos from earlier today, here are plans to build a 35mm camera entirely of paper.

Cameras made out of Legos

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Two cameras, one 35mm and one medium format, made out of Lego bricks. When I get a little more time, I may have to try and make one of these. v2.5 released

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What started out as an undergraduate project mentored by Microsoft has become a free image editor that may give most users everything they need without shelling out for Photoshop.