More black & white from Zilker Gardens

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These are from the same set as the previous thread on Black & White @ Zilker.  While I like the shot from the previous posting, and I’ve printed it at 11×14 and it looks great, these close ups seem to fit more with the subject.

White Sands, New Mexico and a new scanner

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I finally got around to getting a flatbed scanner this afternoon. The Epson 4490 had been calling to me, but I wound up bringing a Canonscan 8600f home because it seemed to be a better deal. What I learned is that a 4800dpi scan of 645 film works out to a huge file. The image… Read more »

Zilker Gardens black and white

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I’ve always been drawn to black and white images like this with some sort of machine falling apart. This shot is from the same trip as these two photos of a snake and of flowers.

Houston Police Officers’ Memorial Photographs

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These are from a few months ago when I went down to the Houston Police Officers’ Memorial because I had heard there was a good angle on the Houston skyline. Turns out the memorial itself was much more interesting, both from a historical point of view and photographically. The first image is from the top… Read more »

Anybody else having bad luck with Canon 430ex?

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For the past couple of months I’ve been funneling saving money to pick up a couple more Canon Speedlites to get myself 4 lights so that I can start trying out wireless E-TTL setups. Last week UPS delivered my 4th flash, a 430ex and I was ready to go, or so I thought. I took… Read more »

Easy way to find sample images for a new lens

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I’ve been looking at the Sigma 12-24 lens for my set of Canon 10d’s for a while now and have read mostly favorable reviews. The few negative reviews have been on softness and distortion problems that will affect any lens that wide. What I have had a hard time finding is sample images. Enter PBase…. Read more »

Flowers at f/2.8

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Last week I ordered a refurb Canon 10d from B&H Photo along with a Sigma 24-70 EX Macro lens. I wanted to see how this lens did at f/2.8 so I took it to Austin and shot around with it. This image was in the Zilker Botanical Gardens.

Closer than I should have been

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Ok, so it wasn’t poisonous. At least, not according to the little girl that pointed it out to us. If I could go back I would have shot this at more than f/2.8, but I was experimenting with a new lens so probably 90% of what I shot that day was at f/2.8.

Photo Arts Forum

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For the past couple of years I’ve been a moderator on Pro Photo Forum. Over the past few months PPF has been on a decline and one of the other moderators and I decided that we should start our own photography forum. Sure, there are hundreds of photography sites out there, but we feel that… Read more »

Photoshop Templates for Photographers

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Yes, another shameless plug for a project of mine. For the past few weeks I’ve been setting up an osCommerce store (my first) to sell Photoshop templates. These are the types of templates that you always see at photo labs around Christmas time for holiday mailings, although I’ve got several other styles of templates as… Read more »