5 Photoshop brush sets to add to your collection

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Sure, there are a bunch of brush set for Photoshop out there.  The hard part is knowing what to get.  To help, here’s 5 sets that I came across that would fit in pretty much anyone’s collection. Hi resolution tree silhouettes Need a tree?  Head over to BestDesignOptions.com and download a set of 25 tree… Read more »

DIY High Speed Photography

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One of the first photo projects I can remember my dad and I working on was stopping the splash of milk dropping into a dish.  Nothing spectacular, but we did wind up with some pretty cool shots.  Shattering light bulbs and popping balloons work pretty well too.  And if you try the balloons, be sure… Read more »

Jellyfish at the Houston Zoo

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This image was taken at the aquarium at the Houston Zoo. As dark as it was I had to put the camera on a monopod and lean against the railing to make myself into a tripod.

Experimenting with Flickr

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Everybody else seems to be on Flickr, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  Right now I’ve only got about 25 images online but depending on what sort of response they get I’ll probably wind up adding more.

ProofBuddy 1.0 released

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One of my web projects met a milestone a few days ago with the 1.0 release. It took me over 2 years working part time, but 1.0 finally contains the full feature set that I wanted when I started writing ProofBuddy in the fall of 2005.

Smile Timon!

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This little meerkat was sitting smiling at all the visitors walking by at the Houston Zoo while the rest of his group was laying around asleep.

Jumping sea lions and prefocusing

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This is from a trip to the Houston Zoo. I had prefocused on the red ball with the far right focal point (top point with the camera rotated) and started shooting as soon as the sea lion broke the water.

A couple shots from Aransas Pass Wildlife Refuge

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We’ve driven by the Aransas Pass Wildlife Refuge at least 20 times but never went in. Monday was the day. A June afternoon in Texas is not the best time to look for wildlife, but there were a few bugs and other small things out.