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5 Photoshop brush sets to add to your collection

Sure, there are a bunch of brush set for Photoshop out there.  The hard part is knowing what to get.  To help, here’s 5 sets that I came across that would fit in pretty much anyone’s collection.

Hi resolution tree silhouettes

Need a tree?  Head over to and download a set of 25 tree brushes.


Need something Japanese?

Trees not your thing?  How about a set of 30 Japanese brushes from


Paper Looks?

Needing a paper look?  Here’s a set of 25 paper texture brushes that will help.


In a violent mood?

Here are a couple of brush sets.  One for blood spots and one for bullet holes.



And Flowers

We couldn’t get through a collection of brush sets without including at least one set of flowers.


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