Map of the Japan earthquakes

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I knew about the aftershocks from an earthquake, but I didn’t realize there were so many. The first time I went to the following site there were 555 listed. About 5 minutes later when I went back to get the screenshot it was up to 557. For the full effect you need to see it… Read more »

Get a Mac to stop at dropdown menus

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After using nothing but PCs for the past 15 or so years, getting a MacBook has given me a little more of a learning curve that I was expecting.  Fortunately it’s been pretty intuitive and hasn’t been that bad.  But there’s been one little snag that kept catching me. By default the tab key does… Read more »

Michael Jackson was an inventor

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Who knew?  Michael Jackson had a patent in his name. It was a design that allowed his feet to go into the floor of the stage and stay locked in place for a dance move where he leaned out over his center of gravity.  The normal way of doing it would have been to use… Read more »

5 Photoshop brush sets to add to your collection

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Sure, there are a bunch of brush set for Photoshop out there.  The hard part is knowing what to get.  To help, here’s 5 sets that I came across that would fit in pretty much anyone’s collection. Hi resolution tree silhouettes Need a tree?  Head over to and download a set of 25 tree… Read more »

Real life Twitter

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Can’t say I’ve ever seen the point of Twitter. But it does make for a funny video. Watch Real Life Twitter on CollegeHumor

DIY High Speed Photography

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One of the first photo projects I can remember my dad and I working on was stopping the splash of milk dropping into a dish.  Nothing spectacular, but we did wind up with some pretty cool shots.  Shattering light bulbs and popping balloons work pretty well too.  And if you try the balloons, be sure… Read more »

Need a repo man for a 747?

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If you need a repo man to take back a Pinto Nick Popovich is not the guy to call.  If you need a Lear Jet repossessed from an armed group of white supremacists give Nick a call.  Nick is a super repo man that specializes in repossessing very high dollar items like jumbo jets and yachts. “You move another… Read more »

ProofBuddy 1.0 released

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One of my web projects met a milestone a few days ago with the 1.0 release. It took me over 2 years working part time, but 1.0 finally contains the full feature set that I wanted when I started writing ProofBuddy in the fall of 2005.

Add a false window to your wall

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If you’ve got an empty wall begging for a window but don’t want to break out the saw to put one in, or just can’t, you might want to look at one of these. It’s a set of blinds with lighting behind to simulate a window where one doesn’t exist.