MapQuest adds gas price estimator

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MapQuest has added a new feature that allows you to estimate how much it’s going to cost to fill up your car for a trip. You enter the miles, how many miles per gallon your car gets, and the cost of gas and the site will show you an estimate of how much it’ll cost… Read more »

FxIF plugin for FireFox

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For those of you using Firefox, there is a plugin available that will allow you to view the EXIF data on any image in the browser by right clicking and selecting Properties. The plugin is called FxIF.

Photo Arts Forum

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For the past couple of years I’ve been a moderator on Pro Photo Forum. Over the past few months PPF has been on a decline and one of the other moderators and I decided that we should start our own photography forum. Sure, there are hundreds of photography sites out there, but we feel that… Read more »

Can I freeze that?

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I’ll admit it. I have no idea what food are not safe to freeze. It seems like pretty much anything should be fair game. Milk? Honey? Sour Cream? The National Center for Home Food Preservation has put together a list of common foods along with how to freeze them, or why to not freeze them…. Read more »

Which file system for Linux?

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In case you’re like me and don’t fully understand all of the different file systems that are available for Linux Kevin Hatfield has posted an easy to follow introduction on the main file systems. In addtion to the mainline Linux file systems link EXT2 and EXT3 he also describes a few that are best for… Read more »

Photoshop Templates for Photographers

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Yes, another shameless plug for a project of mine. For the past few weeks I’ve been setting up an osCommerce store (my first) to sell Photoshop templates. These are the types of templates that you always see at photo labs around Christmas time for holiday mailings, although I’ve got several other styles of templates as… Read more »

Goggles Flight Sim

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In what may be the coolest, albeit not quite as useful as others, use of Google Maps data yet Mark Caswell-Daniels has created a flight simulator where you can fly around several cities using satellite imagery from Google. With a little work you can even fly around your own city.