User-Agent while developing sites

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I needed a way to turn off Google Ads while I was developing a site of mine so it didn’t skew my statistics. With WordPress it was pretty easy, I just checked if user level was equal to 10 and then not show the ads. But, I needed something different for site that I was… Read more »

What’s your password worth?

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In an informal survey, VeriSign found that 66% of people would give up their passwords for a $3 Starbucks gift card. One participant stated that they felt safe giving out their password because they didn’t give out their username. Most were also willing to give out common hints; such as mother’s maiden name or their… Read more »

Adobe launching a stock photo service

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Adobe announced today that it is building a royalty-free image library called Adobe Stock Photos. Offering 230,000 images; it allows viewing from Getty Images, Jupitermedia, and Digital Vision; among others. The service can be accessed through the new Adobe Bridge component in Photoshop CS2 allowing drag-and-drop functionality. Source: – Adobe Launches stock photo service

RAW, JPG, and the Canon 10d

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If you look through any digital photography forum you are certain to see debates of RAW versus JPG. Being the obsessive compulsive that I am, I can’t take anyone’s word for it. So, I went out to do a series of tests. This is the first of those tests.

You may be able to taste your next computer game

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Sony has been granted a patent for sending sensory information directly into the brain. The US patent is for a technique that uses ultrasonic pulses aimed at areas of the brain to cause “sensory experiences” – smells, sounds, and images. A spokeswoman for Sony does say that no experiments have been conducted, and that the… Read more »

Google Maps now offering satellite images

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Google started offering maps a few months ago, but this makes it even better. Now, instead of the line drawn maps you can see the addresses on a satellite image. Type an address in and search for it. There’s a text line titled “Satellite” on the top right of the page.

Google one-ups Yahoo on email storage

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Yahoo recently announced that they are planning on increasing storage space on their free email accounts from 250mb to 1gb. Google is upgrading GMail accounts to 2gb, probably in response. Google is also claiming that they will continue increasing space available to users as they are able.