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Lexus Landcruiser 100 models LX470 and LS430 are apparently vulnerable to a new virus spreading through the on-board cell phone.

The virus appears to only affect the navigation system. Fortunately, the brake and steering systems are not under total control of the computer. But, it’s a scary thought that a future virus may be able to turn off the brakes on your car.

Also fortunate is that the car must be within 15 feet of an infected host to get infected themself.

Source: Mobile virus infects Lexus cars

Posted by & filed under Computers & Internet, News. introduced the first phase of a new service called Yellow Pages. With this release, the phone directory includes 20 million images from 10 cities to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

When the user clicks on a business; they are shown contact information, a map, reviews, and a photo of the business. Also available is a feature called ‘block view’ in which the user can ‘walk’ around the block and see nearby businesses.

A group of vans armed with GPS and digital video recorders collected the pictures of an estimated 1 million individual businesses. is a new search engine that debuted in September.

Source: C|Net – Amazon search pictures your destination

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PHP is an interpreted language; and as such, the computer needs to process the script each time it is run. Honestly, I don’t know much about the internal workings of PHP; so I don’t know how it handles comments in the code. More specifically, I don’t know how well it handles comments.

I have seen sites over the web going back and forth on whether it’s possible to have too many comments. Most I found said that it didn’t really matter; a few said it slowed execution. As I tend to be the type to over comment my code, I decided to test it for myself with some over the top commented code. Read more »

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A recent job posting on Google’s web site has led to speculation that the search engine giant plans to buy unused fiber optic lines. These so-called ‘dark fiber’ lines are fiber optic lines, typically dating from the dot-com boom of the nineties, that is now laying unused. The high costs of getting these lines operational has left thousands of miles of fiber optic cabling available.

Source: C|Net – Google wants ‘dark fiber’

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One of my web projects, like so many others, has a series of pages where data is displayed in a table. Often this data becomes too large for a single page, and it has to be broken down into separate pages. The 5 dollar word for this is pagination, and you’ve seen it; you just may not have known what it was called. When a page shows links to the next and previous pages and shows you on page x of y, this is what is being done. Read more »

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Well, after a break for the past eleven days thanks to a server crash followed by a fiasco, my site is back up and running. If you’re interested, read at – the server I was on is called Supra. I’ve since moved away from HostGator to a virtual private server at