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An asteroid has been rated as a level four threat to the Earth on a scale out of 10. This marks the first time that an asteroid has been rated higher than 1. Currently, there is a 1 in 45 chance that this asteroid will collide with the Earth on Friday, April 13th, 2029. Read more »

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If you have a online presence, whether it’s personal or business, you most likely are looking for input back from your visitors. But, be careful if you put your email address in a simple mailto: link. You will get spam, accept it.

But, there are a few tricks you can use to limit the spam you get. Read more »

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Since several of my posts have source code in them, I needed a way to syntax highlight. I found a pretty good one for PHP code, but it didn’t do anything else.

While working on an article for a JavaScript function, I needed a highlighter. So, out searching I went. Read more »

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While working on a web application, I found myself with the need for a Javascript function that would format dates to a consistent state. Several different functions exist out on the internet to perform this task, but none were exactly what I was looking for. Most of them did a fairly decent job of taking a time like ‘6:45′ and plugging the am or pm onto the end. Some even allowed military time so ’20:30’ would convert to ‘8:30 pm’. What I really needed was one that could format a time entered in a normal fashion, but also format if I enter a time like ‘0645’ or ‘2315’. So, I wrote my own. Read more »

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Just a quick, fun link. It’s a list of the 100 oldest .com domain names with links to their WHOIS information. Most of them look familar, but there are a few odd balls in there.

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Google, responding to pleas from anti-virus companies, has shut down a virus that uses the search engine to find victims. The Santy virus uses the search engine to find vulnerable phpBB sites to spread to. An estimated 40,000 sites have been infected by last Tuesday.

Google is assuring users that they are not at risk by simple use of the search engine.

Source: CNet – Google squashes Santy worm