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Benchmarking PHP: Is it possible to have too many comments?

PHP is an interpreted language; and as such, the computer needs to process the script each time it is run. Honestly, I don’t know much about the internal workings of PHP; so I don’t know how it handles comments in the code. More specifically, I don’t know how well it handles comments.

I have seen sites over the web going back and forth on whether it’s possible to have too many comments. Most I found said that it didn’t really matter; a few said it slowed execution. As I tend to be the type to over comment my code, I decided to test it for myself with some over the top commented code.

Quick trick for speeding up pagination

One of my web projects, like so many others, has a series of pages where data is displayed in a table. Often this data becomes too large for a single page, and it has to be broken down into separate pages. The 5 dollar word for this is pagination, and you’ve seen it; you just may not have known what it was called. When a page shows links to the next and previous pages and shows you on page x of y, this is what is being done.