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For this and my other blog, I use WordPress with permalinks turned on. I installed an add-in called StatTraq to keep track of statistics. But, the stats page never showed which pages were being shown. It just showed that ‘Multiple Posts’ were being displayed. Honestly, I just assumed this was the way StatTraq was supposed to work until I just happened to get hit by a comment spammer. Read more »

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Ed Felten and Alex Halderman released the smallest fully functional P2P application. TinyP2P is a 15 (yes 15) line Python program.

The authors claim that they are not intending to facilitate copyright infringement, but are trying to show how easy it is to set up a P2P application. TinyP2P was written to show how easy it is to write a functional P2P application, and how pointless it would be to “ban” their creation.

For more information, see the TinyP2P home page. Read more »

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PHP allows you to define a string using either a single quote (‘) or a double quote (“). Why? Is one better? Faster? Why should you use one over the other. In this article, I am going to benchmark both methods; both with literal strings and strings with variables included. Read more »

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Often a PHP developer will find themselves needing to know how long a function they are writing takes. Maybe a page seems to be taking too long to load, or maybe they have two different functions that perform the same task and need to see which one performs faster. This is where benchmarking comes in. Read more »

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Penn State is telling 80,000 plus students that they should stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer, and replace it with an alternate.

Earlier this week, Penn State issued and alert to its students and staff recommending that they switch from Internet Explorer to another browser. This advice is “because the threats are real and alternatives exist to mitigate Web browser vulnerabilities” according to a statement from the university’s IT department.

Source: Information Week – Penn State Tells 80,000 Students To Chuck IE

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It you have spent time on sites that use a CMS system as a back-end, you may have noticed a line towards the bottom that tells you how long that page took to generate. While not always useful for the end user, it is very useful to you as a the developer. It gives you a quanitative look at how quickly your pages are being generated, and you can use this to determine if your code or queries need to be modified to work more quickly or if your server is overloaded. Read more »

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After a previous article, I decided I needed a way to expand web buttons to look even more like ‘normal’ computer buttons. Windows XP buttons highlight when your mouse goes over them. I knew this was possible with links, so I set out to do it with buttons as well. Read more »