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Category: Programming

Adding a label when placeholder isn’t supported by browser

I’m sitting here working on a JavaScript heavy web app, and it has a few forms that are large enough that the placeholder attribute available in HTML 5 was the way to go. Only catch, not all browsers support placeholder so I needed something to fall back on.

What I normally do is put a label on top of the field, and that seemed a pretty good solution to fallback on if placeholder isn’t supported.

Auto Future Post Date WordPress Plugin

Need a way to automatically schedule posts for X number of days past your current latest post?

WordPress publish box with Auto Future Date enabled

On another blog I write a handful of posts at a time and schedule them out over several days.  But I have to keep going back and forth to the post list to check dates.  This plugin adds a link to the new post page that will automatically set the date for the post you’re working on based on the last post on your site.  It’s a subtle little link.  Take a look at the screen shot to the right.  Notice where it says ‘Auto’ next to ‘Edit’. Clicking that will run an Ajax call that will get the next date.