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Category: Programming

Posting to Twitter with PHP and OAuth class

Needed a bit of an update on a font site I threw up a few years ago. Specifically I wanted to put a script together to tweet a random font each day. Should have been easy since I already had a script that tweeted new fonts, although it’s been a bit behind since I haven’t been updating the site like I needed.

Realized that the old script wasn’t working though since Twitter switched to OAuth and the class my old script was using didn’t use OAuth.

Came across this post which lead me to a Twitter OAuth class which made the whole process dead easy.

How to create a very simple space game in Flash

Admit it, you’ve played an online game while at work. And odds are very good it was written in Flash / ActionScript. We’re going to cook up a very simple Flash project that might serve as the start of a game. Keyword here is simple though. We’re not going to worry about anything except for a scrolling background and a space ship, with maybe a laser at the end. But it should be enough to get you started with some basics.

The Project
First step is to create an empty Flash ActionScript file. We’re going to go with ActionScript 3 with a stage size at the default 550x400px just to keep it easy.

Project Properties