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The importance of staying positive at work

Came across an article this morning that backed up with research what we pretty much already knew. It’s beneficial to keep an optimistic attitude at work.

The research cited mentions that you are 31% more productive when you’ve got a positive attitude. Can’t say I’m exactly 31% more productive when I’m in a good mood, but I do know that when I’m grumpy I’m much less likely to want to get anything done. For me optimism and motivation tend to go along with each other, although I don’t know that I’ve ever really noticed it before. The article, which I’ll link to below, at least got me thinking.

More specifically, according to the article salespeople with a positive attitude make 37% more sales than their grumpy counterparts.

The scary state though is that doctors are 19% more accurate in their diagnosis if they’re happy. Most of the time my, and my daughter’s, primary care physicians seem to be fairly upbeat. I would assume that’s probably the case with most primary care docs working in a clinic. But emergency room physicians are almost always stressed and I’ve met more than my share of grumpy ER docs. And these are the ones that most need to be on their A-game. A PCP misdiagnoses a stuffy nose and it takes a few more days to get healthy. A ER doc misses on a traumatic injury and it’s literally a potential life or death mistake. The article doesn’t mention EMTs and paramedics, but I’d imagine the same is true for them; and that is a very high stress, grumpy inducing profession as well.

The article is over at and you can read the whole thing at

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