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Testing email with PHP

Wish I had found this years ago…

Screenshot of the Test Mail Server program
Screenshot of the Test Mail Server program
Up until about a week ago my normal process for testing PHP code that sends email was to run sendmail through WAMP and send to my email address. I’m thinking about the amount of time I could have saved had I found this plugin when I first started.

The Test Mail Server Tool runs on your computer and listens on port 25 for outgoing emails, just like sendmail would. Difference is that instead of sending the email out it just saves it to a folder on your computer.

So with your PHP sending out mail messages on port 25 Test Mail Server picks it up, dumps the entire message into a mail file, and optionally opens it up for you. On my notebook they’ll open up in Thunderbird and look almost like a standard email. Only flaw I’ve come across is that images don’t show, and Thunderbird doesn’t give the normal option of viewing images. Could be that the images are coming off of localhost though. Haven’t tried it pulling images from anywhere else.

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