How to change the MySQL password in MAMP

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Reinstalled MAMP last week because the version I was using didn’t have PHP 5.3 which I needed for a project I’m working on. Had to do some Googling to find the default password for MySQL and how to change. First, the default username is root and password is also root. To update to a password… Read more »

Get an image of iPhone without iTunes

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Found myself needing to get an image off of my iPhone without using iTunes. On my Vista machine it’s easy enough. The iPhone shows up as a device and it’s browsable just like any camera. Turns out it’s just about that easy on my MacBook.  Fired up Image Capture, selected the phone, and they were… Read more »

…and a test post with myWeblog

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Found another offline WordPress editor to try on my MacBook. This time it’s myWeblog 2.1. I like the looks of it. Seems very Mac-like, which I suppose is a good thing. One of the things I’m most looking for, and so far only found in myWeblog, is the ability to edit pages. WYSIWYG would be… Read more »

First post with MarsEdit

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If you read the post up from this you’ll see that I just tried out Qumana and wasn’t all that happy with it. It was nice to be able to blog without logging into WordPress, but it had a couple of deal breakers for me. Unfortunately none of the free solutions I’ve come across have… Read more »

First look at Qumana

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Trying something new again.  The WordPress iPhone app that I posted about a few days ago was nice, but it doens’t work well for longer posts.  Nothing against the app.  But  I can type pretty quickly and it’s frustrating to have to slow down for the little keyboard.  Fortunately I have my MacBook with me… Read more »

Get a Mac to stop at dropdown menus

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After using nothing but PCs for the past 15 or so years, getting a MacBook has given me a little more of a learning curve that I was expecting.  Fortunately it’s been pretty intuitive and hasn’t been that bad.  But there’s been one little snag that kept catching me. By default the tab key does… Read more »

How to get a screen shot from an iPhone

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It’s come up a few times where I’ve needed to get a screen shot from my iPhone.  Turns out there are two ways to do it, one of which is built into the phone. Easiest way is to hold down the home button and press the power button.  You’ll hear the shutter sound and the… Read more »