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Rewrite of the Insert JS & CSS Plugin

Turns out the Insert JavaScript & CSS plugin needed some serious rewriting. And rather than patching together what I had already written, I just started over and what came out was a much better plugin.

It’s moved homes as well. My plugins are going to move back to

And I don’t plan on taking the old version off the WordPress plugin site, but I also don’t plan to update that version either. Updates will be done to the version at Reliti.

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  1. Plugin simply does not work. I have one site where the pop-up window comes up greyed out. Thought it might be template so I created an clean install on EasyPHP and the plugin show s up OK but “add” button does nothing.

  2. Version from, correct? It’s an issue with the version of jQuery UI. Happened in one of the updates to WP a couple versions back. 3.6 or 3.7 I think.

    • Plugin came through WP (add new)…it is version .2

      My WP in 3.9.

      Not sure what to tell you about JQuery. I had 1.11.0 called in the header, switched to 2.1.0 with no luck.

  3. Don’t remember off the top of my head what the fix was. I’ll dig a bit and see if I can find my notes and post back here, but the version on isn’t going to be updated.

  4. Franco Franco

    I used the plug-in and it worked well.
    Today when I came back to the page all the JS and CSS code was gone. Can I retrieve it? I tried to use the Revisions option of WordPress but I did not get back any JS and CSS code. Is that code stored somewhere else?

    • It’s stored as meta fields for the post. Haven’t heard of any cases of the code just disappearing.

    • Not sure what the issue is there, but the version that’s hosted on isn’t going to get updated. Haven’t had any issues from users of the replacement version that’s at

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