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Photoshop Tip: Photo Filters

After messing with color balance and such in Photoshop, my wife hit upon a menu item that I had missed – ‘Photo Filter…” under Image -> Adjustments. I think the following image is a little too warm, so I want to add some blue.

What’s nice, aside from the different filters available, is that you can punch in whatever percentage you want. For this particular image, I think about 15% looks good.

And the resulting image is…

In addition to the cooling filter I used, there’s also:
– Warming filters 85, LBA, & 81
– Cooling filters 80, LBB, & 82
– Red
– Orange
– Yellow
– Green
– Cyan
– Blue
– Violet
– Magenta
– Sepia (I’ll have to come back and try this one Wink )
– Deep Red
– Deep Blue
– Deep Emerald
– Deep Yellow
– Underwater

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