Don’t “unplug” your students

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Came across this post from a technology teacher in Cedar Park, Texas. Much of what she talks about is the result of a conference she returned from in Austin a couple weeks ago.  A conference that I, along with a few thousand other technology teachers, was also at.  I even got talked into presenting a… Read more »

Do categories matter on blogs?

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Tags and categories seem to provide pretty much the same functionality on blogs. The only difference I can see is that a blog typically has a handful of categories, but may have hundreds of tags. With that, does it make sense to even use categories anymore? I’m thinking not, so I’m going to go with… Read more »

Enable mod_rewrite on Ubuntu

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Looks like Apache2 is installed in Ubuntu with mod_rewrite, but it’s disabled by default.  Fortunately a quick drop to the terminal followed by restarting Apache2 and it’s fixed.

Live action kalideoscope

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I’m halfway between this being funny or mean to the animals.  Doesn’t look like any of them get hurt though.

MapQuest adds gas price estimator

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MapQuest has added a new feature that allows you to estimate how much it’s going to cost to fill up your car for a trip. You enter the miles, how many miles per gallon your car gets, and the cost of gas and the site will show you an estimate of how much it’ll cost… Read more »

I locked myself out of SSH

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A few days ago I tried to change the SSH port of a server I’m working on from 22 to something different since that’s supposed to help with security. But the port I changed to was blocked by the firewall which means that after a reboot I had effectively locked myself out. The server had… Read more »

Smile Timon!

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This little meerkat was sitting smiling at all the visitors walking by at the Houston Zoo while the rest of his group was laying around asleep.

Jumping sea lions and prefocusing

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This is from a trip to the Houston Zoo. I had prefocused on the red ball with the far right focal point (top point with the camera rotated) and started shooting as soon as the sea lion broke the water.

Photoshop Tip: Photo Filters

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After messing with color balance and such in Photoshop, my wife hit upon a menu item that I had missed – ‘Photo Filter…” under Image -> Adjustments.