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It’s usually a bad idea to allow php include files to be directly accessed. My general method is to either declare a constant in the index.php and check for that constant in the included file or make sure that the included file doesn’t match $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’].

Sure, either of those work. But I came across a much easier way using .htaccess and am now kicking myself for not using it earlier.

Just put the following in an .htaccess file in the folder with your include files.

# Block direct requests for files in this folder
deny from all

The first line is just a comment, so you could even take that off.

Trying to directly access one of the PHP files will result in a forbidden error, but the files can still be included through another script.

2 Responses to “htaccess to deny access, except for includes”

  1. A.Jesin

    Very good security measure. But it would be better if there is a single htaccess file in the root directory which protects the folder using

  2. Ryan

    For the project I’m working on, that’s actually what I did. All the includes are in one main folder with subfolders. The main folder got the .htaccess.


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