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Commit early, commit often

OctocatLearned an important lesson today.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday working on a new project. It’s a Moodle plugin that, when finished, will let you put code online for your students to work on along with tests so they know when they’re done and you can automatically get back a grade.

But while deactivating the plugin in Moodle so that I could reactivate and trigger database table creation I accidentally clicked the button to delete the folder from the computer and everything I did yesterday disappeared.

First step when I started over this morning was to commit it to GitHub and then committed fairly regularly today so that I didn’t lose to much if I do something stupid again.

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  1. Looking for the silver lining, the second time around I’ve been much more organized getting each piece up and working before moving on to the next. The code from the first day that was ultimately lost was a bit more of a shotgun approach where I was going back and forth between sections of the project and wasn’t really on track to get any of them totally finished.

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