NY Times changing to permanent links

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The New York Times is releasing a redesigned site in April. Typically articles are posted on NYTimes.com for a week and then move in to a pay-per-view vault. After the redesign, 10 million archived articles going back to 1851 will be available. Well, semi-available. It appears they will be using teasers to get visitors to… Read more »

Get your Google invite

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For those of y’all who don’t have a GMail account, and can’t find anyone with invites to share, look at isnoop.net. They’ve got a page set up where you fill in your email address and a GMail invite is sent to you. Edit: Apparently the isnoop page was shut down and is no longer offering… Read more »

Yahoo! announces FireFox toolbar

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Yahoo! announced Wednesday that it will release a toolbar for the open source web browser FireFox. Source: C|Net News.com – Yahoo unveils test toolbar for Firefox

Microsoft releases updated search engine

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Over the past few months there has been a beta version of the ‘new and improved’ Microsoft search. Today they officially replace the Yahoo! powered search on their MSN site with their own.

Google apparently looking at ‘Dark Fiber’

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A recent job posting on Google’s web site has led to speculation that the search engine giant plans to buy unused fiber optic lines. These so-called ‘dark fiber’ lines are fiber optic lines, typically dating from the dot-com boom of the nineties, that is now laying unused. The high costs of getting these lines operational… Read more »

America tops the list of top spammers

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Sophos, a UK based research group, recently released statistics putting Ameria square at the top of the list of spamming countries at 42.1%. South Korea is in second place with 13.4%; with China, Canada, and Brazil filling out the top 5. Source: TechWeb.com – U.S. Spews More Spam Than Any Other Country