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Ace Editor Syntax Highlighting Mode List

Ace Editor Themes

I really like the Ace Editor and have used it pretty much any time I've needed a text or code editor. And I've probably gone to the Ace Kitchen Sink at least a dozen times to get a list of all the available themes so I could generate a list.

Now I'm tired of wasting so much time so I'm going to just paste the array that I've recreated a dozen times here so I don't have to keep going back and redoing it.

There are two arrays, $ace_light and $ace_dark that list each of the themes in that set. The array key is the filename of the theme that you'd use in setMode() and the value is the actual name.

There's also an array $ace_themes that is the light and dark lists merged.

PHP Code

$ace_light = [
	'chrome' => 'Chrome',
	'clouds' => 'Clouds',
	'crimson_editor' => 'Crimson Editor',
	'dawn' => 'Dawn',
	'dreamweaver' => 'Dreamweaver',
	'eclipse' => 'Eclipse',
	'github' => 'GitHub',
	'iplastic' => 'IPlastic',
	'katzenmilch' => 'KatzenMilch',
	'kuroir' => 'Kuroir',
	'solarized_light' => 'Solarized Light',
	'sqlserver' => 'SQL Server',
	'textmate' => 'TextMate',
	'tomorrow' => 'Tomorrow',
	'xcode' => 'XCode'
$ace_dark = [
	'ambiance' => 'Ambiance',
	'chaos' => 'Chaos',
	'clouds_midnight' => 'Clouds Midnight',
	'cobalt' => 'Cobalt',
	'dracula' => 'Dracula',
	'gob' => 'Greeon on Black',
	'gruvbox' => 'Gruvbox',
	'idle_fingers' => 'idle Fingers',
	'kr_theme' => 'krTheme',
	'merbivore' => 'Merbivore',
	'merbivore_soft' => 'Merbivore Soft',
	'mono_industrial' => 'Mono Industrial',
	'monokai' => 'Monokai',
	'pastel_on_dark' => 'Pastel on Dark',
	'solarized_dark' => 'Solarized Dark',
	'terminal' => 'Terminal',
	'tomorrow_night' => 'Tomorrow Night',
	'tomorrow_night_blue' => 'Tomorrow Night Blue',
	'tomorrow_night_bright' => 'Tomorrow Night Bright',
	'tomorrow_night_eighties' => 'Tomorrow Night 80s',
	'twilight' => 'Twilight',
	'vibrant_ink' => 'Vibrant Ink'

$ace_themes = array_merge($ace_light, $ace_dark);
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