WordPress – Redirecting to the first child page

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I’ve been redesigning the website for a web application I am writing.  The site uses WordPress because I wanted a blog section and wanted visitors to be able to easily leave comments on any page.  So the entire site is backed with WordPress with most of the content on pages rather than posts. One of… Read more »

Aptana on Vista 64bit – Black Screen

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I’ve been having issues with Aptana putting a huge black box over the code window on Vista 64.  And it seems many others are having the same issue as well, which is a shame because it’s an otherwise great program. It appears to have something to do with the preview tabs.  I could open up… Read more »

Grouping MySQL query by date

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Working on a statistics plugin I needed a way to group records by the day.  Turns out it’s remarkably easy. If you just want to group by year and month take off the DAY() part.  This would also be a good query to use WEEK() on to pull records grouped by the week they were… Read more »

A routine to create GUIDs in PHP

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During development of an online application, I needed a way to generate a GUID. I’m sure there are other, better ways to do this. But, this is how I decided to do it.