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Needed a way to practice a bit for the CCNA exam that I’m planning on taking within the next few months. I’ve found a bunch of multiple choice banks to cover a lot of the memorization, but was looking for a way to practice more with network addressing. Sure, there are some multiple choice banks out there. But real-world isn’t multiple choice, so I wanted a better way.

Spent about a day dug into bits and JavaScript and came up with It lets you get random questions for binary to decimal conversions, decimal to binary, and network addressing either using classes or CIDR. screen shot
An obligatory screen capture. Nothing exciting, but here it is anyway.

There are 4 types of questions and you can pick which types you want. And since the questions are built randomly with a bit of JavaScript, you can try as many questions as you like. When you’re finished, click the done button and you’ll get stats on how you did on each of the types.

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