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Talk about news you just can’t get away from. Every news station is saturating their broadcasts and websites with information about the captured terrorists in England that were plotting to blow up 9, or 10 depending on the source, planes between London and several American cities.

And before I get to my point, 10 planes exploding would be a tragedy. There is no doubt in that.

But you’ve got to think that the panic caused by it almost happening is still a victory for the terrorists. How ever many thousands of people flying around the world could not carry anything on the airplanes other than baby formula and medications. Think of all the business travelers that were planning on working during their flights that had to sit and read SkyMall instead.

As part of the saturation coverage on one of the news sites today there was an article on how this is going to affect the economy. Negatively affecting our economy is certainly a victory for the terrorists.

And now we’re scared. That fear is a victory as well.

Of course, had the plan been successful the fear and economy would be even worse. But even in our victory of capturing these terrorists, the terrorists still had a victory of their own.

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