Upgrading from Windows 1.0 to 7

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I threw away my Windows 3.0 floppies pretty much as soon as I upgraded to 3.1. Had the Win98 CD for a while, but mostly because it was stuffed away in a CD case that never got opened. Below is a video from a guy that had install disks back to Windows 1.0 and went… Read more »

Sometimes gravity is the best weapon

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This is one of those times that an animal is way smarter than I would have expected. Amazing video of a golden eagle flying down and knocking a mountain goat off the side of the mountain. Instead of having to kill the goat with claws and beak, the eagle lets gravity and rocks do the… Read more »

JayCut – Online video editor

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Haven’t had a chance to play around with it much, but JayCut.com looks pretty slick. It’s an online video editor written in Flash so you can do your editing without leaving your browser. Probably not great for the 20 gigs of HD video from your daughter’s birthday, but for quick videos it might be worth… Read more »