Importing into Moodle from Examview – With Images

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Edit on 8/7/2014 Well, this script is pretty much worthless now. Not sure when it happened, but Moodle now lets you upload the entire Blackboard zip file, images included, and everything gets imported. No more messing around with the res00000 files. Going to leave the original post though. Might be handy for someone stuck using… Read more »

Distance Formulas

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It’s a pretty common task to get the distance between 2 points. Maybe you’re wanting to see if two points are close enough to have collided. Maybe you’re making a golf game and the closer the ball is to the hole the higher the score. Either way, you need to know the distance. The Math… Read more »

Converting between degrees and radians

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There are two ways to measure angles. You probably learned to measure angles in degrees early in school. A circle has 360 degrees, a perfect corner is a 90 degree angle, and 180 degrees forms a straight line. But then you took trigonometry or pre-calculus and were introduced to a radian. A radian does the… Read more »

Scrolling background with Python

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This is a follow up to an earlier post where we created a scrolling background in Flash using ActionScript. This time we’re going to do the same thing, but using Python and Pygame.

How to get image dimensions in Python

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Thanks to Pygame, there’s a quick and easy method to get the dimensions of an image. You just have to load it into a Surface and use the Surface methods get_height() and get_width().

String methods in Scratch BYOB

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Each of the last 3 years we’ve been able to get more and more out of Scratch as it went from 1.2 to 1.4, and especially now with the BYOB 3 version from Berkeley. Adding in the ability to have students build their own methods in Scratch means that we could do a pretty decent… Read more »

Teaching recursion with Scratch BYOB

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One of the biggest limits we came across teaching with Scratch this year is the inability to write methods and use parameters.  Methods, returns, and parameters are probably the only major concept in our intro CompSci class that we can’t teach in Scratch; so we introduced them in Alice this past year.  It worked ok,… Read more »

Don’t “unplug” your students

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Came across this post from a technology teacher in Cedar Park, Texas. Much of what she talks about is the result of a conference she returned from in Austin a couple weeks ago.  A conference that I, along with a few thousand other technology teachers, was also at.  I even got talked into presenting a… Read more »

isPalindrome function in Python

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I’ve started playing around with Python, and the more I do the more I like it.  Python makes it very easy to do simple, scripty type stuff, but also has the ability to do OOP if that need arises. Here’s a quick little function to determine if a string passed is a palindrome or not.