Curved corners script for Photoshop

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I’ve been looking for an excuse to play around with scripting in Photoshop. Today I found one. I came across a series of actions that rounded off the corners of an image to get it ready for uploading to a web site. The problem is that it was a series of actions. As in one… Read more »

TinEye – Finding your images on the web

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Came across a new search engine called TinEye last week.  It lets you either upload or paste a link to an image and it searches its index looking for the same image.  For those that make money off of their images, or just don’t want copies on other sites, this is a good way to… Read more »

DIY High Speed Photography

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One of the first photo projects I can remember my dad and I working on was stopping the splash of milk dropping into a dish.  Nothing spectacular, but we did wind up with some pretty cool shots.  Shattering light bulbs and popping balloons work pretty well too.  And if you try the balloons, be sure… Read more »