NetBeans JavaScript not minifying

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Spent more time than I’d like to admin banging my head against my keyboard when NetBeans wouldn’t minify a specific JavaScript file. Instead of correctly minifying, the minified version would end up blank. Finally got frustrated enough to start tracking it down and found the cause in the line 2 pasted here. View the code… Read more »

Adding WordPress templates to NetBeans

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If you’ve written more than a couple of WordPress plugins odds are good you’ve copied and pasted the plugin sample readme.txt file into your project. Just sat down to start on my 7th plugin and figured there had to be a better way than Googling for the template, opening it, copying, and pasting. NetBeans makes… Read more »

How to close all projects in NetBeans

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File this under “duh.” I typically have several projects open in NetBeans and occasionally go through and close them all to clean up a little.  Turns out if you shift click on the projects you want closed there’s a new item on the File menu “Close X Projects.”  Easy…

Netbeans with multiple monitors

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How did I not try this before today? My normal method of needing two files open was to have the one I’m working on in Netbeans and the other in Notepad++ on separate monitors.  Turns out you can drag the tab of an open file outside of Netbeans and it becomes its own window. We’re… Read more »