Finally installed WPTouch plugin

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Like about 2 million other people, I finally downloaded the WPTouch WordPress plugin allowing this site to have a phone friendly version. So far I’m liking it, and it looks much better than the other plugins and themes I checked out. This one really does look like an iPhone program, which is cool even tough… Read more »

Get an image of iPhone without iTunes

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Found myself needing to get an image off of my iPhone without using iTunes. On my Vista machine it’s easy enough. The iPhone shows up as a device and it’s browsable just like any camera. Turns out it’s just about that easy on my MacBook.  Fired up Image Capture, selected the phone, and they were… Read more »

Blogging from an iPhone

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Let’s see how this goes. I’m writing my first blog post from my iPhone. A few months ago I tried the WordPress app version 1 point something. Couldn’t figure out if it supported tag, and I prefer using tags over categories. Fortunately I came across version 2.1 today and it works without a hitch.

How to get a screen shot from an iPhone

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It’s come up a few times where I’ve needed to get a screen shot from my iPhone.  Turns out there are two ways to do it, one of which is built into the phone. Easiest way is to hold down the home button and press the power button.  You’ll hear the shutter sound and the… Read more »

iPhones are great for new dads

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Found a great excuse to buy something useful about my iPhone a few days ago. My 4 month old daughter was crying like she was sleepy, but not quite ready to give up and go to sleep.  I started playing some classical music on my iPhone and she stared at it for a couple of… Read more »