Another good use for mod

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Got to admit that mod is one of those topics that I have trouble getting across to my students. Not the idea of what it is and how to do it, but the purpose. The classic isOdd / isEven lab works. It can even be extended a bit into a isDivisible lab. And the College… Read more »

Where Americans are moving

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Cool use of technology and data mining. has a map that lets you click on a county and see where people are moving into and out of that county. Red is out of the county and red is in to the county.

Teaching recursion with Scratch BYOB

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One of the biggest limits we came across teaching with Scratch this year is the inability to write methods and use parameters.  Methods, returns, and parameters are probably the only major concept in our intro CompSci class that we can’t teach in Scratch; so we introduced them in Alice this past year.  It worked ok,… Read more »

Don’t “unplug” your students

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Came across this post from a technology teacher in Cedar Park, Texas. Much of what she talks about is the result of a conference she returned from in Austin a couple weeks ago.  A conference that I, along with a few thousand other technology teachers, was also at.  I even got talked into presenting a… Read more »