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Review: H+BDEV AntiVir Personal Edition

You do not even have to own a computer to know that viruses are running rampant on the internet. Back in the “old days” all a virus would do is mess up your computer. Now with the interconnection that we have through are phone lines and cable jacks, a virus has the opportunity to use your computer to infect others. What is the solution? Try this free (for personal use) virus scanner.

Review: D-Link 604 Router

I had an unfortunate experience with a small, cheap, inherited SMC ethernet hub. Originally I had two computers linked together with this switch and a DSL modem attached via a crossover cable. My computer had the PPoE dialer and a free proxy program to allow the other computer to get internet access. While not a great solution, it did work. The biggest problem was that my computer had to be on for the other computer to get internet access.