Download script using PHP

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This is a short PHP script that I use on my site to handle downloads. Sure it’s easy to just link to the zip, but this allows me to keep track of how many times each file has been downloaded which I then use to rank the fonts on popularity. The actual script uses… Read more »

osCommerce and duplicate content

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If you’ve got an osCommerce store set up you are probably fighting a duplicate content problem with the search engines. The problem is that OSC has an almost limitless number of ways to view any one particular product page – 1 for each category that the product is in plus one without any category information…. Read more »

List functions disabled in PHP

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I’ve got a web client having some really odd problems with a program of mine logging him out randomly. Normally I upload a phpinfo file and use that to see if I could find out anything but when I did that I got an error that phpinfo had been disabled for “security purposes”.

Google Webmaster Tools now show links

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The Google Webmaster Tools dashboard has been expanded to show internal and external links to each page on your site and it seems to do a better job than the link: command. When you log in to the webmaster tools you’ll see a new tab called “Links”. Click it and you’ll see a list of… Read more »

Refresh the Firefox view-source window

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I spend a lot of time looking at HTML source while developing sites. It’s pretty much refresh the browser, right click, view source, find my mistake, close the view-source window, fix the mistake, rinse, repeat. It’s amazing I haven’t stumbled upon this before. I accidentally hit F5 in the view-source window and it refreshed the… Read more »

Keeping yourself out of Google Analytics stats

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A few months ago I wrote about a technique I use so that Adsense ads aren’t shown to me when I’m viewing my sites. Recently I started doing the same with Google Analytics code so that I don’t show up in my stats.

5 things you may not know about PHP

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PHP is one of the dominant web languages in use today. If you do any web design work you probably have at least a passing knowledge of PHP. Heck, even if you don’t do any web design you’ve probably noticed web pages ending in .php. But here are 5 things you may not have known… Read more »

Found a trick in Eventum – Autolinking issues

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I’ve been using Eventum from the MySQL people for issue / bug tracking on a couple of my projects and stumbled upon a pretty slick little feature today that I didn’t know about. Maybe if I had actually read the manual I would have known, but here we are. If you write in ‘issue #123’… Read more »

Random number in PHP

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Real quick little function to get a random number using PHP. The variable $x will contain a random number between 1 and 100. It’s rand(min, max) if you don’t want to use 1 and 100 as your limits.