My first public WordPress theme – Christine

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Meet Christine. This is the first WordPress theme that I’ve done that’s getting released. I’ve done probably a dozen themes for various sites but never sat down until now with the intent of doing one to share. You can download it from

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Yup, another blog. If you read back through the archives here you’ll see that I have a real problem with starting new projects. Not that I have a problem starting one. I have a problem starting too many. Right now I’ve got 2 forums, 1 eCommerce site, and 6 blogs (only 3 of which are… Read more »

Moving WordPress categories

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Almost every posting you read on how to “correctly” run a blog says you shouldn’t have too many categories. I was guilty of that problem, so I trimmed down my categories quite a bit with the help of a plugin called Category Converter. It’s a one file plugin that you upload to the plugin folder… Read more »

robots.txt for WordPress – short & sweet

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On my first WordPress site I went and added all of the files I didn’t want search engines indexing to my robots.txt file thinking that it was necessary to keep them out of the SERPS. But WordPress makes it easier than I was trying to make it by starting almost every file in the root,… Read more »

100,000,000 spam postings blocked

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Akismet recently passed the 100,000,000 mark on spam messages blocked. Based on the assumption that you spend 1 second per spam message that hits your blog, they estimate that they have save blog authors 27,777 hours by blocking these postings. Of course as I’m writing this the count just keeps increasing. In fact, the counter… Read more »

Fonts via RSS

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I’ve started working on a new blog called The intent is to have a new font posted every day (future dated posts are great for this), but I’m not sure I can get a new one up every day. What I think is the best part of using blog software to create a font… Read more »

Jump-To Plugin

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Sometimes a multipage posting can get out of hand, especially since WordPress just lists page numbers ‘1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5’. Enter the Jump-To plugin by UrbanGiraffe. It allows you to add a drop down box with the names of pages, allowing your visitor to jump to whichever page they select.

Yup, I started another blog

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I’ve started a new blog at where I plan on writing about photography, Photoshop, and the like. It just goes to prove I cannot limit myself to one project at a time.

WordPress 2.0 RC3

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Well, I was just about to start work on another WordPress site. It appears, however, that the 3rd – and hopefully final – release candidate for WordPress 2.0 is out and ready to download with promises on their forum of the final release later this week. So I suppose I need to remove 1.5.2 from… Read more »

SimpleTags plugin for WordPress

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I’ve started using a plugin for WordPress called SimpleTags to handle tagging for Technorati. It’s pretty slick. For inline tags throw a <tag> around the word and it becomes a tag on publishing. If you don’t want to tag inline, you can add <tags> around a comma separated list and they’ll become tags.