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Installing my own WordPress plugins

Twice today that I've needed to install my Auto Future Post WordPress plugin to a blog that didn't have it yet. A little odd searching for yourself on the WordPress extend library, but it's pretty easy to find when you know exactly what you're looking for.

And it says something about how easy it is to install plugins through the WordPress interface that it was quicker and easier to search, find, and install plugins that I wrote from the WordPress backend than it would have been to find the files on my computer and upload with FileZilla.

Also nice that the plugin worked without a hitch in WordPress 3.3 as up until today I hadn't ever tested it in anything past 3.0.3.

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Auto Future Post Date WordPress Plugin

Need a way to automatically schedule posts for X number of days past your current latest post?

WordPress publish box with Auto Future Date enabled

On another blog I write a handful of posts at a time and schedule them out over several days.  But I have to keep going back and forth to the post list to check dates.  This plugin adds a link to the new post page that will automatically set the date for the post you’re working on based on the last post on your site.  It’s a subtle little link.  Take a look at the screen shot to the right.  Notice where it says ‘Auto’ next to ‘Edit’. Clicking that will run an Ajax call that will get the next date.

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Moving WordPress Plugins

A couple years ago I setup a website to let me play around with creating WordPress plugins and themes. Turns out it's never gotten much traffic, so I'm going to start using this site instead. Shouldn't really matter all that much other than the other site is just going to sort of wither away.

This post is also going to be the landing page for 301 redirects from the old site, so below are the links to the six plugins I've written so far so those of y'all that came through that redirect have a place to go.

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