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RT @TweetSmarter: More than 40...

RT @TweetSmarter: More than 400 tweets every minute contain a YouTube link:

Upgrading from Windows 1.0 to 7

I threw away my Windows 3.0 floppies pretty much as soon as I upgraded to 3.1. Had the Win98 CD for a while, but mostly because it was stuffed away in a CD case that never got opened. Below is a video from a guy that had install disks back to Windows 1.0 and went through all of them, started in DOS, on a virtual machine. It's a 10 minute trip, and one that I remember taking a lot longer to actually do.

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Sometimes gravity is the best weapon

This is one of those times that an animal is way smarter than I would have expected.

Amazing video of a golden eagle flying down and knocking a mountain goat off the side of the mountain. Instead of having to kill the goat with claws and beak, the eagle lets gravity and rocks do the work.

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"If at first you don't succeed...

"If at first you don't succeed; you are running about average. " M. H. Alderson RT @problogger

Great speech bubbles with just...

Great speech bubbles with just a bit of CSS

Really nice of the daylight s...

Really nice of the daylight savings switch to come the weekend before spring break. Don't have to hop up at 5a for the next several days.

Going to try cross posting with Twitter

Came across a WordPress plugin called Twitter Tools today. Like most of the 10,000 other Twitter plugins it lets me tweet for each of my blog posts. But this one also promises to go the other way creating a blog post for each tweet. Maybe a touch of overkill cross posting between the two, but I tend to tweet more regularly than I post.

So you should start to see little yellow speech bubbles interspersed between posts. Or maybe that's posts interspersed between little yellow speech bubbles. Either way.

And thanks to Nicolas Gallagher for the CSS trickery that makes the speech bubbles look the way they do.


RT @HPTeachExchange: Engage yo...

RT @HPTeachExchange: Engage your students with this super easy site. #edchat #k12

Blender from 1.6 to 2.5

I've been playing around with Blender as a potential program to use for a 3D animation course I may be teaching next year. Now that I've got the interface in 2.5 somewhat figured out, I'm finally able to do some stuff and it's starting to get fun.

Found a video on Vimeo with screen captures from version 1.6 to 2.5. Got to say it's gotten much better. When I first tried Blender about a year ago it was version 2.4 and the interface didn't work well for me. But 2.5, at least to me, appears much better.

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